About Us

At South Durham Church, we believe Jesus is better.

We love Jesus. We believe Jesus is better than anything else that could control our lives, guide our hopes, or captivate our thoughts. And not only is He better, He is best, even beyond best. He is incomparably good.

Eyewitness accounts tell us that Jesus lived a perfect life, claimed to be God, died, was buried, and was raised from the dead. He was either a madman or God in the flesh.

Lord, … we believe you are something greater than which cannot be thought.
—Saint Anselm

We believe Jesus was and is God in the flesh. When we weren’t looking for Him, He came to find us. We rebelled against God, and in return, Jesus obeyed, even to the point of death. When we deserved punishment from God, Jesus took it on himself on the Cross.

We were dead, and by faith in Jesus, we now have life.

Now, by God’s grace, we are His children, adopted into His family, made new, made whole, and given joy. Come join us.

Who We Are

South Durham Church began with the prayers of a few friends meeting in a living room, praying for their city.

These friends were all members of First Baptist Church, Durham, NC (FBC). Meanwhile, FBC’s pastors became convicted about the need for more churches in the rapidly growing Triangle region.

More team members gathered, more prayer partners added, and a new church was born, beginning weekly public worship services on Easter Sunday, 2012.

Our goal is to glorify God by making disciples (followers, imitators) of Jesus Christ.

We believe the Bible reveals the true God, a God who lavishes grace on us through faith in the Lord Jesus. We believe that the greatest need of any person—from whatever background—is to worship the God who created us and to find joy, meaning, and purpose in Him.

We confess that we have lived independently of and even against God, and He has welcomed us with the open arms of Jesus and forgiven us of all our sin by Jesus’ death on the cross.

Jesus has set us free to love God and love others without restraint and without fear.

If you sense any need of a love like that in your life, we invite you to worship Jesus with us this coming Sunday.